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Ready to (re)start

Today, more than 12 millions of French kids and teenagers start their school year. I left school a long time ago but it’s still an opportunity to start a new session of the year. Summer is ending slowly, my last lucky co-workers/clients are coming back from holidays today and we

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Knit Special order by a bride-to-be

I said it but I had difficulties to keep my word and come back here to feed the blog but I had a opportunity that I couldn’t decline (I’ll talk about it next month!). But I come back and I mean it (you believe me, don’t you?) ! I found

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Knit for babies Soft blanket

My friends have children and I knit. Is it a cause and effect? No… well almost. I love knitting and I love making my friends happy so when they expect a happy event, I love pleasing them by giving them baby clothes knitted with love. So far, my gift boxes

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Knit for kids Little beanie, peruvian style

These last years, I knitted a lot of baby clothes but babies grow up and become kids, and I prefer offer handmade gifts than buy something. There is so much love in homemade stuffs… Anyway, last winter (yes I kno I’m very late), I knitted a survival kit for a

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Tricotez-vous du bonheur the perfect set to beggin

In line with Tricot Zen (translation: Zen knit) released last april (Mango Edition), Charlov and I worked on a second book of templates that was released yesterday in all good bookshops and it’s titled Tricotez-vous du bonheur (translation: Knit happiness)

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Knit The Carole’s fingerless gloves

Do you remember the snood made in moss stitch and rib 1/1 I knitted a few months ago for my friend Carole? Well as it was remaining a little bit of wool, we said that I could use it to make a pair of fingerless gloves for a coordinated set.

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Crochet Sock for a mug

I started the year with a nasopharyngitis and I started to drink tea with honey and lemon in the hope that it helps me feel better and cough less. And I must say that in my weakness I felt a little cold in the office so a hot tea helps

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