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Do you remember the snood made in moss stitch and rib 1/1 I knitted a few months ago for my friend Carole? Well as it was remaining a little bit of wool, we said that I could use it to make a pair of fingerless gloves for a coordinated set.


I was happy to raise to the challenge because I finally do something other than scarves or snoods and then it was a great opportunity to use my new circular needles Hiya Hiya my man gave me for Christmas. For these fingerless gloves that we wanted simple, I used different techniques and stitches of knitting: ribs 1/1, moss stitch, buttonhole and technique of magic loop to knit in round.




It starts with 8 rows of ribs 1/1.


We continue with 14 rows of moss stitch.


And then, we have to do a buttonhole in 4 chains length.


To finish, we do 12 rows of ribs 1/1 and voila ! The fingerless gloves are the same on the left and on the right so you just have to do it again.



Here some details :
Equipment used :
1,5 balls of yarn RAPIDO color CHANVRE (50 g – 41 m/pelote)
Circular needless 5,5
Crochet hook or a needle to bring in the yarn

Stitches and techniques used :
ribs 1/1
moss stitch
magic loop to knit in round

Size :
Wrist circumference: about 17,5 cm
Height : about 18 cm


And for those who want more detail than these one you have here, the model of the Carole’s fingerless gloves with explanations and diagram is available in French. Again, this model is free so do not hesitate! And of course, if you see an error in the model, do not hesitate to let me know!

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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