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Diy Christmas tree in washi tape

Since September, there have been some changes in my work situation that may have some rather nice sides. Since early 2010 I was on a missio at client’s as Web Project Manager and in September the mission ended and I returned to work in the agency. And what is nice

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Création My first homemade advent calendar

Since I have my own home and a workshop for myself, it’s easier for me to let my creative side speak. As we approach Christmas, I thought I was too greedy to buy a simple advent calendar. So there is a short week ago, I started my own advent calendar.

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Sew Pincushion

When I started sewing, I had to equip all good seamstresses needed. Among those things, there is the door-pins I also called the pincushion. The commercial sold me my sewing machine had offered me but hey, I wanted a particular one so instead of searching in trade, I have done

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Washi tape To color your mouse mat

It’s been over a year and a half now that I bought my first rolls of Masking tapes. Since my collection has grown as you have seen here and there. But I haven’t shown much what I was doing with that Masking tapes … So, today I decided you talked

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Sew Hello bunny, my first purse for smartphone

It is with a touch of emotion that today I speak to you about sewing. A few months ago, I completely crushed with a sewing machine, my first … As for my Reflex camera, it took me a few weeks or even a little more to unpack the machine and

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Home My colorful office/workshop

I talk about it for so long … My office / workshop is almost finished and as mentioned in my last post, I’l showing you all this week! In the meantime, a little teaser … Welcome to my office / workshop! Following soon!

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Super Market 2012

As I told you in my last article, last weekend, there was the third edition of the exhibition Super Market. Personally, I had heard about that last year but too late, I already had something planned for at that time and I couldn’t go there. This year, I booked my

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Pattern of Melle Tricot : With bobbles

As promised! Taking the example of my bible of knitting 400 stitches of knitting of the Marie Claire Editions, I have prepared the model for my last scarf with twists and bobbles. Pattern for a twisted scarf with bobbles To download here In French Feel free to contact me if

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Knit With little bobbles

About knitting, I do not take many risks. For over a year and a half that I knit, I remain confined to scarves because there is nothing easier than knitting straight. I express my creativity with the stitches used. When I started thinking about my next « creation », I tried to

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Creation Mini pouch

Drum roll, here my first knitted case! Made with wool falls that one of my colleagues gave me, the case is lined with a patterned fabric. And small detail, a small button to close the case. he case is not perfect, but it is my first one… Jersey stitch and

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