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Knit Twists, twists, twists – the large version

After 3 knitted snoods for my mom, my sister and a friend, I continued my momentum and I knitted a 4th snood for another friend. She so loved the snood I made for my mom that she asked me to do the same for her. So rather than doing the same,

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Knit Twists, twists, twists !

You may have noticed with the various knits I’ve done these past few months and even the last few years, I love the twists and again, I plunged into the twists! For Christmas, I decided to make gifts full of love for my mom and my sister rather than expensive

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Knit Snood in moss stitch

I don’t know about you knitters, but the cold makes me want to knit. I have lots of ideas in my head and I would need two good pairs of hands to do everything. But right now, I only have two hands, one job and non-extensible days. I find time

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Knit & crochet Soft little snood for babies

Recently, I wrote about my desire to do something else than scarves and snoods. I then bought a pattern books for slippers but for now my attempts ended in failure. I don’t admit defeat but a friend of mine who recently became a mother came back to Paris for a

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Knitting Man’s snood

Like many of you I am sure, I love knitting and doing crochet in winter. A kind of creative hyperactivity leads me to constantly start new projects before completing the previous one. Inevitably, some are finished but after my first crochet beanies you’ve seen here, I made a new one

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Diy new life for my Trench coat

Last summer, I found a pretty well-cut navy blue trench coat but sadly sober. So, I decided to give it a little sparkles with some nails. For supplies I used: – My two small hands – 1 pliers – Nails purchased in a haberdashery in Paris Step 1: Position the

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Couture Cover for notebook

A few weeks ago, when I was unpacking Chrstmas gifts I told you about my latest creation in couture. I had for Christmas an Eee PC for which I wanted to do myself a purse. Here is the result! As I started sewing to avoid getting into trouble with beautiful

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Crochet My first beany

A few weeks ago, during an DIY’s evening at Dawanda’s I learned to crochet. The time I take my courage in both hands and here I am, launched with my first crochet to hook alone. For the pattern, I fell in love with a beany found on the blog of the lovely Ami

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Diy Pompoms for Christmas crown

If the use was diverted from its first symbol, for me Christmas decoration can’t be completed without a crown hanging on the entrance door. With my man, we looked for a ready-made crown but we found nothing that we like. I began to despair when I found the fabulous crown

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Diy at Dawanda’s Factory

Last week, I went to the event Dawanda‘s DIY. One of the participants at the workshop to knit the collective work done for the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire had spoken so I kept an eye on the blog Dawanda to register. The principle: from 18:30 to 21:30 the Dawanda Factory

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