Diy Christmas tree in washi tape


Since September, there have been some changes in my work situation that may have some rather nice sides. Since early 2010 I was on a missio at client’s as Web Project Manager and in September the mission ended and I returned to work in the agency. And what is nice in the agency work is the freedom you can have, particularly in the decoration of your office. This year, I was given a small budget to decorate the agency in Christmas colors.

I LOVE Christmas: colors, lights, etc.. I was delighted to take on the challenge. The budget was rather tight and to not decorate only one space, I opted for the Chritmas tree in washi tape. It’s cheap, it doesn’t take much space and all the follies are possible.

I didn’t  think creating an article about it on the blog but after posting the photo on Instagram, I was asked to do a little tutorial. I hadn’t taken the time to take pictures of the steps but as it is quite easy, here are some photos of details to illustrate my point.

– 2 rolls of washi tape. I bought mine at the store Lovely Tape who had a booth at the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire on November at Porte de Versailles. A roll with red pine and a transparent one with black stars
– 1 light string. I bought it at Casa’s with 50 light points
– Decorations balls and stars. Those here were purchased at Casa’s and Ikea’s.
– Classic tape
– Nylon string
1 pair of scissors

Step 1 On a clean wall, mark the three points of the triangle that form the tree. Prefer smooth walls and avoid the walls like this with bumps  because the washi tape doesn’t hold very well. Draw three lines joining the three points of the triangle with the washitape. Double lines if necessary, that’s what I did here.

Step 2 With a different color or pattern of washi tape, draw a zigzag on either side of the tree to make garlands.

Step 3 Using tape, attach the string of lights around the tree: start from the bottom left (or right depending on the location of the electrical outlet), go back to the tip of the tree. Back down to the bottom right corner then fix the wreath along the base of the tree. You are then returned to the starting point at the bottom left corner. From there, draw a zigzag with wreath and move to the forefront.

Step 4 Tie a piece of nylon on decorations and tape the wall with decorations through this piece of nylon.

And here is the result!

For information, I’ve spent 70 € and I have done five trees (only one with light string) and decorate almost all public areas of the agency.

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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