Birthday party’s diy How to make a slate?



With this 30th birthday, it was the third photobooth I organized and I wanted to introduce a new element : a slate for people to express themselves. The problem is that I wanted a slate large enough that it can be read and the only thing I found on the market was these slates were schoolchildren who are 18 x 26cm only. So I do my own slate.

Needed materials
– A picture frame at the desired size and lightest possible. The best is that protecting part of the frame is in plastic and not glass to avoid accidents. I have bought a NYTTJA framework from IKEA at format 40 x 50cm for 4.99 € each
– Black paper The paper I used is black kraft paper that I bought at Passage clouté. The rolls 3m x 70cm costs around € 2 only
– A chalk felt that I bought in the supermarket for 3 or 5 €
– A cutter or scissors
– A rule


How to proceed? It is very simple. The idea is to replace the gray background with black paper to provide a high-contrast background to highlight the messages written in felt. – Help yourself with the detachable part of the frame (bottom cardboard or wood) as a template and cut out a rectangle of black paper. – Replace the gray paper with black paper you just cut. And now, it’s ready to use! The chalk pen is very handy and easily erasable. You can allow all the follies without soiling hands by chalk dust.


For my birthday’s party, I planned two slates: one used as a poster and another for us to write words for the photobooth. Finally, we only used the version displayed as poster. This type of slate can also be used for bigger events like weddings to report events or directions.


Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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