Birthday party’s diy A thank-you card with some confettis?

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Usually, we do this kind of card for big events such as weddings, but I liked the idea of making one to thank my friends for coming to my 30th birthday party so I did it! I wanted that my friends have a little souvenir of the evening which looks like me. I then plunged back into my favorites and my boards on Pinterest and I had the idea of making cards with a small envelope of confettis like the visit card of Pugly Pixel.


For the creation of small envelopes, I used ttracing paper, a cutter, a ruler and glue. For the template, I followed the tutorial the blog choosing to cut corners for aesthetics. For sharp bend, I traced the lines with a ruler and the point of compass (yes, I have a compass).


Sometimes, glue deform  the sheet of paper so rather than using a conventional glue stick, I used UHU Dry & Clean Roller which is also very convenient.



Once envelopesd one, I had fun to put a few pinches of confetti in each of them. I would have preferred pastel confetti but there was none at Tati’s!


* * *

The size of the card are 14,5 cm x 21cm folded in 2 and 2-sided printed. I made 2 differents: the first version for those coming in couple and the second was written for singles. For the cover, I’ll admit I shamefully taken two visuals found on the web so I preferred not to show you this face.


Inside on the left pane, I stuck my little envelope full of confetti with masking tape. And the right pane, I wrote my little thanks message.


hellokim_diy_enveloppes_confettis_remerciements_8 I finished all my little cards before the party, but I forgot to distribute them when my guests left. Nearly a month after the party, I still  not give them all …

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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