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I started the year with a nasopharyngitis and I started to drink tea with honey and lemon in the hope that it helps me feel better and cough less. And I must say that in my weakness I felt a little cold in the office so a hot tea helps to feel good in the body but also the hands a little frost. But now, put your hands on the mug with the tea still hot, it is not obvious. Seeing these knits that adorn the cups around, I thought I’d make one too!


Pour cette première chaussette, j’ai décidé de la faire au crochet. J’ai ressorti une pelote déjà entamée depuis quelques années qui n’attendait qu’à être de nouveau utilisée, un crochet Amour de Clover que mes copines m’ont offert l’année dernière et puis c’était parti ! The point that I used is called « in-between » in my book 250 points au crochet of the Claire Marie Editions and is worked based on double crochet. To hold the sock around the mug, I did a little tongue with double crochets and I sewed a little button to attach the tongue to the body of the sock. As my button is quite small, I did not need to make buttonhole, I only insert the button between two double crochets and voila!



For those interested, the pattern with explanations and diagram of this sock is available in French. Well, this is my first model crochet, I hope it will be clear enough. It’s a bit complicated for me to do crochet patterns because there is no grid, I did as I could.

Some information on the creation of this sock with crochet:  

Equipment used A little bit of wool to hook with crochet 4 A button A needle and thread to sew

Dimensions This sock was knitted for a cup IKEA +365

Techniques Chain Double crochet

This model is free so do not hesitate! And of course, if you find an error in the model, do not hesitate to let me know!

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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