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From muffin to cupcake

My first batch of muffins, it was on 2009. It’s one of my former colleagues and friends who had introduced me to this home made dessert. Since I haven’t stopped trying to improve and innovate it. Spun almonds, hazelnuts crushed, with a heart of Nutella, strawberry jam, chestnut jam; sprinkled

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Melle Tricot a scraf… for me !!

It’s getting really cold again and what a great opportunity to get out the latest knitting I finished: a white braided scarf. Well, I know it starts getting repetitive with these scarves. Scarves, scarves, I can only make scarves … One day I’m creating things a little less straight but

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Melle Tricot Bicolor snood bicolore in ribs 2/2

It’s winter, really winter! With the snow keeps falling, I’m glad I finished my first snood! I wanted a big thick snood that let me make 2 rounds to protect me from the cold and be hot. So I decided to knit my snood with ribs stitch 2/2. It is

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Miss Knit Bow

Winter is here, and since I’m knitting again, I can’t help myself kintting! Last week I had an idea in mind … In one evening, I created this little bracelet and its node. How do I proceed? It’s very simple. For the bracelet, I used Knitting ribs stitch 1/1. The

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Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream

I’m not a great cooker, but when you have to cook for my man, I try to let speak my mind for an easy meal! Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream Easy to do Ingredients – 2 or 3 slices of chicken – 2 stalks celery – 3 or 4 large

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Cook: Home made french fries less fat

I am a gourmet who worships the potato. I like it in all its forms, including french fries! Here’s how to make french fries without being (too) afraid it’s too caloric. Recipe for french fries in the oven Easy to make Ingredients – 3 or 4 large potatoes – Herbes

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Miss Knit A scraf to offer

Winter is coming soon and I’m knitting again. 2 orders of scarves for my 2 best girlfriends. So I finished first the scarf first began last spring and then start the 2nd scarf that I just finished. I’m fond of thick wool to knitting with large needles for large meshes

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Recipe Cheeseburger & Rösti

On Sunday, for my love and me is the rest day we love to spend warm at home. And Sunday, I like to spend some more time in the kitchen. This weekend, I decided to make burgers accompanied by rosti. And I took the opportunity to test my new fixed

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Tutorial: French manucure

Hello girls ! As promised, here is my tutorial for French manicure ! I hope it will help you to prettily your nails ! * * * 1. Tools Take a brush with hair brush short and a little bit rigid, 1 set of French manicure, 1 bottle of solvent

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