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Sew Hello bunny, my first purse for smartphone

It is with a touch of emotion that today I speak to you about sewing. A few months ago, I completely crushed with a sewing machine, my first … As for my Reflex camera, it took me a few weeks or even a little more to unpack the machine and

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Home Welcome to my colorful office

A few days ago, I published a photo teaser of my office/workshop and as promised, I’m showing all up today! Welcome to my office/workshop! The room is not very big (1, 80 m x 1.60 m) and served as a closet for the former owners of the apartment. Why not

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Home My colorful office/workshop

I talk about it for so long … My office / workshop is almost finished and as mentioned in my last post, I’l showing you all this week! In the meantime, a little teaser … Welcome to my office / workshop! Following soon!

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Super Market 2012

As I told you in my last article, last weekend, there was the third edition of the exhibition Super Market. Personally, I had heard about that last year but too late, I already had something planned for at that time and I couldn’t go there. This year, I booked my

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My first Rainbow cake or happiness in the plate

About ten days ago, I read this issue dedicated to the magical birthday cakes on Hellocoton. There were colors and happiness in the plates. I was so amazed. And because I want happiness in my plate too, I decided this weekend to do my first test of Rainbow cake. I

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Manicure Greeny polka dots

New week, new manicure! That’s it, I left my stripes to make the lovely polka dots that I have not make for a long time now. For this manicure, I get inspired by the incredible Pshiiitbut I opted for shades of green. This manicure in a few steps: 1. Paint

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Manicure ❥ Stripes ❤

New week, new manicure! I’m done, I’m totally obsessed by stripes since I discovered the fabulous blog The Beauty department. After the stripes made with stickers, I decided to draw them by myself. In fact, the method with stickers was a failure for me because they were too thick and my

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Custom My little notebook

As the new year is coming fast, I already bought my new 2012 calendar and I needed a new notebook. I started looking on the Internet and some shops but I could not find what I wanted. And finally, I resigned myself but I did not give up! Muji notebooks

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Hong-Kong My purchases #4

I havn’t had time to visit Hong Kong, but I made a minimum of shopping. Between Causeway Bay and the Cityplaza mall located 2 steps from my hotel, I brought a few things and here is an overview. No clothes but some cute stuff. Stationery: reels of tape, paper clips

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Pattern of Melle Tricot : With bobbles

As promised! Taking the example of my bible of knitting 400 stitches of knitting of the Marie Claire Editions, I have prepared the model for my last scarf with twists and bobbles. Pattern for a twisted scarf with bobbles To download here In French Feel free to contact me if

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