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A few days ago, I published a photo teaser of my office/workshop and as promised, I’m showing all up today! Welcome to my office/workshop!

The room is not very big (1, 80 m x 1.60 m) and served as a closet for the former owners of the apartment. Why not have done the same? For 3 years my office was limited to the coffee table and being more and more interested by the DIY stuff, I missed terribly a dedicated space So when we decided for this apartment I immediately said that I will make it my office.

I wanted to start sewing but without having to remove my computer etc. So I opted for a corner desk. The DIY stuffs in the left and the office part in the right.

In the left, I created my nail lacques library and spread all my nail lacquers on my four little tablets. Stored here, I realized that I had much more than what I thought, although I am far away from the real manicure addicts.

For quick and easy access to the tools of DIY like sewing scissors, rolls of masking tapes, I have a wall-mounted pegboard wood that I painted white and I decorated the edges with masking tapes.

As unwinding of masking tape, I recycled the end of a too long curtain rod that we cut.

On the only blue wall of the office, I fixed two shelves to store my books of DIY, drop off a few boxes and other cute objects.

On this side of the desk, I placed the cutting plate that my friends gave me for my birthday. In the corner, my very first sewing machine that I bought at the Foire de Paris earlier this month. I did not want to store it and never release it but I did not want it to take too much room.

My sewing box made ​​of wood and painted by my sister who also offered me the full length mirror that you’ve seen here.

In the right corner, wall-mounted boxes to store my other tools such as painting, this drawer unit in raw wood that I have to customize, etc..

And on the right side, the space dedicated to the office with my computer, my papers, but in the end there are still many things related to the DIY: in the top right a box to store my wool, my current knitting bag, a bag of stuffing etc..

Here my brushes for acrylic paint and a set of Fiskars scissors cutting patterns.

A box of bandages cupcakes, a cardboard tube painted by my sister in which I store my knitting needles.

My camera gear …

For those who wondering: all the furniture came from IKEA. I am a big fan and actually my apartment is a model apartment of the Swedish brand. The office is from the VIKA serie, the desk lamp is the FORSÅ, the larger shelves are EKBY serie, and the mini shelves for the nail lacquers library is from serie RIBBA and the boxes are from the series BESTÅ, etc.. So, it remains few things to do: find a light and a desk chair! So did you like it?

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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