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Home In my office there is… #1

My office is like – relatively speaking – as the cave of Ali Baba. You may have seen here, there are a lot of small figurines here and there … Today begins a series of small details like this Stitch pen that when you press the mine dances, and pencils with floral

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Diy Mirror, nice mirror on the wall

Winter is coming, I focus on my little nest that is my apartment and as it’s been a while that I’ve not talked about decoration or Masking tape, I decided to show you a little trick to decorate a simple square mirror. You remember, last year I wrote about my

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Home Kawaii stationnery

I don’t know about you at almost 30 years, I still love stationery and especially when it’s cute and colorful. I love strolling through the shelves of office supplies and when I see a colorful cuteness or something, I can not help but buy it. This was the case with

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Give away La Boutique de Louise

As announced last week, the competition organized in partnership with La Boutique de Louise was closed Saturday, April 20th and Sunday I proceeded to draw. But before reveal the result, I wanted to share with you some pictures I took of the purchases I made during my visit to this

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It was my birthday #2: Le photobooth

As I said in my previous post, I prepared a photobooth for the evening of my birthday. In addition to the curtain with sequins that I had used for the first edition of the photobooth few years ago, I bought roses and other balls. After the installation completed, I realized

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Diy Pompoms for Christmas crown

If the use was diverted from its first symbol, for me Christmas decoration can’t be completed without a crown hanging on the entrance door. With my man, we looked for a ready-made crown but we found nothing that we like. I began to despair when I found the fabulous crown

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Diy at Dawanda’s Factory

Last week, I went to the event Dawanda‘s DIY. One of the participants at the workshop to knit the collective work done for the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire had spoken so I kept an eye on the blog Dawanda to register. The principle: from 18:30 to 21:30 the Dawanda Factory

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Diy Christmas tree in washi tape

Since September, there have been some changes in my work situation that may have some rather nice sides. Since early 2010 I was on a missio at client’s as Web Project Manager and in September the mission ended and I returned to work in the agency. And what is nice

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Création My first homemade advent calendar

Since I have my own home and a workshop for myself, it’s easier for me to let my creative side speak. As we approach Christmas, I thought I was too greedy to buy a simple advent calendar. So there is a short week ago, I started my own advent calendar.

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Washi tape To color your mouse mat

It’s been over a year and a half now that I bought my first rolls of Masking tapes. Since my collection has grown as you have seen here and there. But I haven’t shown much what I was doing with that Masking tapes … So, today I decided you talked

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