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Winter is coming, I focus on my little nest that is my apartment and as it’s been a while that I’ve not talked about decoration or Masking tape, I decided to show you a little trick to decorate a simple square mirror.


You remember, last year I wrote about my mini office housed in a closet by 1.80 m x 1.60 m? With no window but only a ceiling lamp and a desk lamp, I confess that the office is not super bright. So, I told myself that if I added mirrors here and there, maybe the light would ricochet and I would gain in brightness and so I started! Instead of buying mirrors with beautiful frames, but expensive, I decided to go to my favorite store decoration IKEA and I bought a lot of mirrors 20cm x 20cm for less than 10 €.

And there begins the DIY.

1. What is great with these mirrors is that we need anything to fix them on the wall. They are sold with double-sided tape and as they are very light, that’s enough. So I followed the instructions and set the adhesive on the back of the mirror before sticking it to the wall.

2. Once the mirror is set up, I selected for each mirror two different masking tapes. As the masking tape is sticky, there is no pressure on to a positioning error.

Personally, I left less than 1cm between the tape and the edge of the mirror. For a little graphic effect, I have not done a square cut edges, but instead I made ​​outlines to form a square. And here is the 1st one :




For the second, I followed the same steps, but I also added some stickers in the corners.





In very few minutes and at a reasonable price, you can get pretty cheap small mirrors! And you can change tapes according to your wood and / or seasons!

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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