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My first Rainbow cake or happiness in the plate

About ten days ago, I read this issue dedicated to the magical birthday cakes on Hellocoton. There were colors and happiness in the plates. I was so amazed. And because I want happiness in my plate too, I decided this weekend to do my first test of Rainbow cake. I

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It smells good summer time

Today in Paris, the weather was particularly beautiful. And that’s good because it was precisely the day that my N+1 chose to organize a team picnic. At the lunch break, it was with our sunglasses on nose, tablecloth and throws under our arm that we went on the tip of

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From muffin to cupcake

My first batch of muffins, it was on 2009. It’s one of my former colleagues and friends who had introduced me to this home made dessert. Since I haven’t stopped trying to improve and innovate it. Spun almonds, hazelnuts crushed, with a heart of Nutella, strawberry jam, chestnut jam; sprinkled

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Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream

I’m not a great cooker, but when you have to cook for my man, I try to let speak my mind for an easy meal! Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream Easy to do Ingredients – 2 or 3 slices of chicken – 2 stalks celery – 3 or 4 large

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Cook: Home made french fries less fat

I am a gourmet who worships the potato. I like it in all its forms, including french fries! Here’s how to make french fries without being (too) afraid it’s too caloric. Recipe for french fries in the oven Easy to make Ingredients – 3 or 4 large potatoes – Herbes

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Recipe Cheeseburger & Rösti

On Sunday, for my love and me is the rest day we love to spend warm at home. And Sunday, I like to spend some more time in the kitchen. This weekend, I decided to make burgers accompanied by rosti. And I took the opportunity to test my new fixed

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