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When I travel, I like discovering culinary specialities. And I could say that sometimes I choose my vacations according their culinary specialities… When I go to Greece, for me there are 3 culinary specialities that I must eat. 

1- Pita bread and gyros

In France we know kebabs but here in Greece, they call it Gyros. It’s smaller, it’s made with pita bread, tzatziki and it’s so much better. I could eat that everyday (during my holidays) but I would become so fat. 

2- Freddo or frappuccino

I love coffee smell but I rarely drink it because it’s too bitter for me, unless it’s made like in Vietnam with sweetened condensed milk. When it’s made cold, it’s called cà phê sữa đá. I’m so fond of it but I drink it only sometimes because I would because diabetic. In Greece, coffee is a very popular drink and with heat and sun, they have a frappe version called Freddo. Freddo, I drink it only with ice cream.

3- Octopus

Grilled or breaded, I love octopus.

At Fira, we went to several restaurants with views more or less beautiful and with more or less authentic food.


Parea Tarven

With a room in rooftop, the view shows city’s roofs. 

Meals are generous and quite simple.

Service is very nice : we could feel that they are used to tourists but in a good way. They say fews French word to please us and they always smiled. 



Argo is a fancy trendy restaurant where you must book if you want to have a table with nice view,  especially on week-end days. 

Receipies are moderns like this spinach salad with grilled parmesan.

Service is just ok.



Higher in the city, Da Costa is in a quite area where you can eat simple food.

Mama’s house

For our last meal in the island, we went to Mama’s House for a generous breakfast.

They have an additional room under a tent with fans. Decoration is quite simple with some flowers.

To start, I ordered a Freddo coffee with caramel and I went on with omelet, toasts, pancakes…

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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