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Thanks to knitting little slippers for baby I learned how to descrease and how to pick up stitches, I can’t stop my learning process so I started a new project : a baby’s vest from Itty-bitty’s pattern release on Layette from Mes carnet du fil collection.
So I’ve never knitted clothes and moreover, I wanted to use a bigger yarn than the one used in the pattern while the design includes decreasings.

I admitted, we ahd a lot of questions Charlov and I during our knit-drink session! My gauge had 10 more stitches and the gauge of the pattern did not quote any number of rows, so here how I proceeded.


The pattern quotes number of rows and heights in cl, so I converted by doing some cross-multiplications.

For stitches, I adjusted their number accordind to my gauge.

Here an example: I had to cast-on 40 stitches. The gauge of the patterns quotes 19 st for 10 cm.
19 (stitches of the gauche) / 10 (cm of the gauche) x 40 (stitches to cast-on) = 21 cm.
My gauge has 29 stitches for 10 cm. 21 (cm of the pattern) / 10 (cm of the gauge) x 29 (stitches of my gauge) = 61 stitches.
So I casted-on 61 stitches.

For the rows, the pattern quotes heights in cm or says to proceed decreasing until there is X stitches left. In the 1st case, it was easy, I knitted until I get the quoted heights. In the last case, I calculated the number of stitches and proceeded until I get the quoted number of stitches.

Example : The patterns says to proceed until there is 25 stitches left.
25 (stitches of the pattern) x 10 (cm of the gauge) / 19 (stitches of the gauge) = 13 (cm of the pattern)
My gauge has 29 stitches for 10 cm. 13 (cm of the pattern) / 10 (cm of the gauge) x 29 (stitches of my gauge) = 38 stitches
So I decreased until there was 38 stitches left.

Trick 1 : to avoid any calculation, I created an Excel file (to save in a cloud to get it easyly. In abscissa, add the number of stitches for the gauge and in ordinate, add centimeter. For the calculation, use the one I framed in the screenshot withou forgetting to add $ ! 


After that calculating part, the design was quite easy. The used stitches are garter stitch and plain knitting with some reverse stockinette stitches here and there. There are also increasing and and decreasing.

Trick 2 : For those who are afraid to not knit 2 perfectly identical sleeves, I knitted 2 sleeves at the same time.


Once all parts knitted, I blocked it. 



And then I sewed some buttons and add ribbons.



And voilà! What do you think? And here some picture of the gift box.



Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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