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In this early month of December, I had some business lunches and dinners which let me to discover some new places. And because this is a seminar surroundings, I could take some photos to share with you (otherwise, I would not do ^^). This is the first place.

Chez Clément –  French food

Food: This was a business meal, so we had a choice between 3 starters, 3 dishes and 3 desserts. If the mushroom soup was apparently delicious, nuggets of cheese was a bit simple and fresh salad … just fresh. For cons, the duck was delicious ! For dessert, I chose the cup of sorbet but because of the weather, I probably should have picked the creme brulee. In the end, it was good but it was nothing extraordinary.

Price: It was a business meal, so I am not aware of the price … But thanks to the website, I could check the prices and they seem reasonable given the quality and quantity.

Setting: The decor is worthy of a chalet in the Alps. It is warm with wood paneling and cushions, very original with spoons stuck to the ceiling but it can be a little loaded. That said, I enjoyed myself.

Service: Can be a bit crude. We were served by it seems to be a cooker. Not very rosy either or very talkative…

Chez Clément 47, Avenue de Wagram 75017 Paris

Crédit photo :

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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