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Last night, my lover took me to see Rihanna in concert at Bercy! Among the many birthday gifts he gave me, there were two tickets! Initially, it was not for this artist he wanted tickets but there was no tickets anymore for Alicia Keys and I have not been disappointed!

The first part was done by Vitaa and a DJ that I would call rustic from 80’s or 90’s using and abusing the siren. We had to wait 1:30 before Rihanna appeared. It was hot, becoming progressively hotter as the hall was filled. There were movements of crowds, fights, jets of water, ola … Luckily, my boyfriend knows that’s he should never, ever take me to a concert if I have no seat.

And then around 10:00 pm, screams became louder and the lights focused on stage. She’s coming… I don’t go very often in concert. This is actually my man who invites me. The latter were for Lily Allen which I love songs. And there, even if the last concert of the English at the Zenith had a real setting, displays. etc. it was a musical concert. With Rihanna, it’s really different!

There, itwas a real show. An american show with lighting effects, pyrotechnics, impressive decor, treadmill, spinning stage, dancers and costumes. I am not a big fan of Rihanna but I must admit that she is a hard worker. The show is timed , even fidgeting her voice is just and powerful. And I also appreciate her look! It’s amazing how well she is damn! And these outfits are so hot… I say Wow!

I thought people vanished only for Michael Jackson … I know now that they are tens to have indulged in the arms of security guards because they hope to approach their favorite star Rihanna, they choice the pit. 1:30 of show and a good evening. I came home really late and went to bed later but it was cool!

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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