Birthday party’s diy How to make a garland of club flags?



After a little teasing earlier in the week, today I share with you some tips to create a garland of flags for decoration of a birthday or any festive event.

To do this, here is the material I used:
– Paper A4 size colored or not I chose to make flags in 3 different colors: pastel pink, green water and white. I had the white paper and I bought the colored paper. As I did not find in the supermarket, I went to the stationery department of FNAC’s shop. There was no packets with a mix of colors so I had to buy whole reams Clairefontaine.
– A cutter or scissors
– A rule
– A rope
– Glue


How to proceed? 1. Fold the sheet in 2 in the vertical direction to obtain a rectangle 21cm wide and about 15cm tall. 2. In the other side of the fold at the edge of the leaf score a point in the middle of the widest range. 3. Cut the sheet into joining the fold side edges and the midpoint opposite to form a triangle. Then you get an isosceles triangle when the paper remains folded and a diamond if you unfold.


How to hang the flags on the rope to form a garland? 1. Unwind the cord to get a little long. 2. Unfold the triangle and close it on the rope with a dot of glue. The flag is then « fixed » on the rope. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to obtain the desired length of garland

How to hang the garland? Having a central ceiling light, I tied one end of the garland to my fixture. To the other end, I used washi tape to tape the rope to the wall without damaging it. I made 4 garlands for the 4 corners of my living room. As I still had some flags, I also decorated the wall with the rope remained since the installation of my advent calendar. And voila how to put colors everywhere!


For information, paper roses and lanterns in the first photo were purchased on the website last year to decorate my 29th birthday. After the party, I reused them and they are now part of the design.

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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