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More than a year ago now, I told you about my closet that I converted into an office / workshop. Since then, the office is still there, but having had an impressive ability to build I said I’ll let you out a before / after. For those who thought my little office were very tidy, you will see that things have changed a bit. So first, a little focus on my pegboard more practical to store things… When I started to think about the set up of my office, I told myself that I wanted it also to be a workshop and I had the idea to install a pegboard to store and display the most useful tools. So I went to a DIY store, the radius furnishings garage / workshop and I found this wooden perforated panel. When I got home, I painted it in white to blend it into the decor of my office. And for the final touch, I used washi tape to draw a sort of frame.


Once installed, I hung on the panel full of small things, but most importantly, my rolls washi tapes. They are so beautiful that I had to expose them! So by suspending 1 pencil on 2 hooks, I inserted the rollers! I can then it as if they were installed in dispensers.



And here is an overview of the « workshop » of my office as it is in this moment! It is packed to the rafters and beyond, I had to expand my shelves of nail polishes but I’ll talk in a future article.


Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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