Manicure Remake of the French manicure for a glittering version



New week, new manicure! Since it’s often about confessions in these beauty/nail art articles, I must admit that when I had to do my manicure, I was in the doldrums: I had two badly broken nails. With a fingernail cut in a ugly way in each hand, I really did not want to waste my time on a manicure which I knew the overall rendering will be ugly ugly ugly! But then, I remembered that I had a wedding the following weekend and I could not decently go on without any polish on nails (for those who did not follow, I do my manicure once a week, usually on Sunday afternoon).


As my dress is in neutral tones, I chose to reuse this fabulous nude Pure porcelain of Orly. In the end, I did a French manicure because it is easy, fast, a bit sought with these silver glitter but not too much because it is a French! So what do you think? For the curious, in these photos it’s the nail of the index that is broken and cut to shorter but we hardly see it in the angle in which I took the pictures.



Nail polish with silver glitter : #802 Transparent Silver Glitter Lasting color Pupa Nude nail lacquer : Pure porcelain #40752 Orly

* * *

And here are some pictures of the outfit I wore at the wedding and why I made this manicure. A little powder pink, a white lace coat, and a few touches of color to enhance all!


And here I am with my man whom he had opted for much more distinct colors!



Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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