A relaxing week end for lovers #1



Last weekend, when the sun finally made ​​us the pleasure of showing and warm our summer, I celebrated with my man our anniversary. On July 7th, we blew the nine candles of our relationship, not bad isn’t it? Better than exchanging gifts, in recent years we prefer to travel. 2 years ago we had gone to London for a long weekend, last year we spent a short week in Marseille (which I have shown you nothing yet). This year, we just started to think about it and I wad given a coupon to use on Allo Thalasso website so I was able to test their services. Allo Spa offers short-term courses as longer stays in France and elsewhere. For my part, I was proposed to test a cure in Parisian area and I chose to go to Fontainebleau. And as the site is rather well done, the product information form talks about all possible activities in the area, between the treatment, the forest and the castle we would have a lot to do!


BOOKING Contrary to my e-consuming habits, I made my booking by phone. The operator I got online was very friendly, unlike some other services where the reception is cold and not personalized. She explained the different steps and after the call, I received an e-mail with the quote for your stay. After validation, I received a second e-mail with a secure link to make payment. After a few days (after confirmation of payment), I received confirmation of the booking as well as vouchers to give to the hotel. There’s really nothing to complain about the service. Response times are fast and I personally felt that there really was someone who followed my case.

STAY Arriving Sunday, July 7th morning at Novotel Ury & Spa, we had no access to the room (available from 14h) but we had access to all hotel facilities including the swimming pool. The weather was so beautiful and so hot that the pool was the No. 1 target, but we could also enjoy the sauna, gym and solarium. I do not know if the hotel was fully booked but there was a reasonable attendance around the pool. There were enough sunbeds in free access number for everyone, without being glued to each other. And if you do not want to be too close to the pool a little noisy (with children), you could also get away and get closer to the quieter forest.


We put our towels (provided by the hotel) and here we go! By putting your feet in the water of the pool, it was a real treat! Perfect temperature: not really hot but really not cold. I am a real chilly and I need more than 5 real minutes before daring to immerse myself, bt this time there was no hesitation I dove into the water!



The next day, the pool was open from 7am! We woke up early but not before 9am! And then a real treat bis! The sun brightened and we had the pool all to ourselves for a good hour before the people wake up softly! And the same as the day before, the weather was perfect! We spent the morning as shrimp before giving back the room by noon. We could have stayed all day but we planned to do a short hike in Fontainebleau.

CARE The care that I selected was a « cocooning back » with exfoliation, relaxing massage and hot pack. I explained to the operator when booking that I preferred that the care is carried out on the day we arrived and not the next day, but no time was set. Upon registration at the hotel, we were told that the care was booked at 16h which was perfect.


We camesin a swimsuit after our afternoon and led us into a small room where two massage tables were installed side by side. We dress, or rather undress, lie on the tables and there is left for 40min of relaxation. While tables heat gently, successive stages of modeling very soft. We go from fresh (certainly menthol oil) to a hot pack, all with a relaxing background music. At the end, we were offered a drink to immerse gently. It was a really nice relaxing time, only downside: the Spa is located next to the restaurant terrace and even if we can not clearly hear the conversation, I could hear the little noise that I’d passed me willingly.

HOTEL / ROOM Novotel Ury & Spa is a 4 stars hotel. I’m not an expert in terms of hotel classification, but I think it is well within the category. The room was nice, clean with modern and refined decoration. I enjoyed the separate toilet, lock the entry to reduce the noise from the hallway, large flat screen TV … Little donwside for me, the room was prepared for 4 people when we were only 2. So there were two single beds in the room too crowded this beautiful room. It was then a little difficult to run. So bad. Concerning the other hotel facilities I will note that some parts of the hotel are still under construction but it is frankly minimal. Regarding leisure facilities: there are two tennis courts, one that has been refurbished, a badminton net a little tired, a petanque area and table of ping ping. And the forest is nearby.




PRICE A booking via Allo Thalasso, it costs € 110 / person for a formula 2 days / 1 night including a care in the spa. Given the standard of the hotel and the fact that you can enjoy the facilities for 2 days, I think it is a good quality / price ratio. Post written with the generosity of Allo Thalasso.

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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