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Today I continue my posts about Rome. I still have so much to share and the travel date two months ago! I have to hurry up, so we can expect to have many articles on this subject in the coming days! And I continu with with good addresses! Where to have lunch for a day at the Vatican? I showed you the pictures a little out of order but here is the timeline we followed my friends and I. When we arrived at 9am, we headed straight to the Sistine Chapel to admire the works quietly. Then we took the time to browse through the other rooms of the museum and up to about 13h. Hunger and fatigue being felt, we had a lunch break outside before visiting St. Pierre’s Basilica, the place and the dome. So where lunch and have some rest near the Vatican? In the guide book we found an address that is a very good one: Feliziani.




Bakery and catering at the same place, we find in this small establishment something to eat at any time and it’s cheap. For salty or sweet, with pasta, lasagna, pizza and other Italian specialties are sold by number or weight. For a drink, a arancini ball, part of lasagna, a drink and some cookies I had for less than 7 €! If you want to restore you quickly and without fuss, I strongly suggest you this address where you certainly will come across a lot of tourists but also local: a guarantee of quality!

Forno Feliziani via Candia, 61 Roma

* * *

For our first night in Rome, and even though we were dead tired and cold and refrigerated after this exhausting day, we took the time to have a drink. We chose a small bar-restaurant. That night, no particular animation program but Ombre Rosse Caffe, there are often concerts. What we discovered and it was a very good surprise is that in Italy, or at least in Rome, bars offer real good tapas to accompany your drink. I was so tired I did not think to take pictures but to have a drink each, we had three different kinds of tapas we have certainly paid more than 10 € in France!

Ombre Rosse Caffe Piazza S.Egidio 12/13, 00153 Roma

* * *

After warmed up, we walked a few hundred meters to the restaurant we had selected for dinner. The facade is frankly unappealing (we did not even see that it was a restaurant when we saw the front!). And interior decor is very rustic but Dar Buttero Hostaria is certainly a good place to keep when you see the clientele is made ​​up of many regulars.

To start smoothly, we ordered a discovery appetizer plate and we were not disappointed. A mini price for a plate of ham, mozzarella, olives and slices of fresh tomatoes and eggplant cream.

For the main course, I had a seafood risotto and my girlfriends pasta dishes. Unfortunately, all our dishes were very salty, too salty … Apart from that, it was good. What a pity …

Dar Buttero Hostaria 156 Via della Lungaretta 00153 Rome

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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