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The masking tape, I knew it without really knowing. I called it simply decorative tape and My Love brought me a few rolls after his journeys in Japan. And then in a issue of Biba, I discovered that I could buy it in France! Yahoo !

On web network I compare prices because it’s quite expensive especially when you can not choose less than a single roll.

I went on:

But ouch! The shipping cost raise significantly the bill. So when I came face to face with a few rolls in a shop Loisirs et creation in Paris, I could not resist!

3 rolls of 10M purchased individually for between €3.55 for rolls with patterns and €3.25 for a simple roll.

And while I hardly find time to go to the shop Les Fleurs (6 passage Josset – 75011 Paris), I convince my man to get to Junku, the Japanese bookshop in Paris (18 Rue Pyramides – 75001 Paris). I wanted to see if there was more choice in masking tapes, and if I could find Fifi Mandirac’s papers.

And in the basement of the Japanese bookshop, just below the stairs, some little shelves with masking tapes and some papers for origami. In addition to the products signed MT, I also found some other masking tapes but nothing happens, I chose the MTs.

A pack of 3 rolls in blue for €9 of 15M (therefore less expensive than Loisirs et création) and a pack of 2 rolls with colored peas for €6.30.

And here I am at home with my new rolls of masking tape. 8 beautiful little rolls that I hasten to use to customize my calendar, wall calendar.

This Sunday, I also expanded my small collection of mini jewel box from recovered boxes. It is in fact boxes of earplugs that I decorated with masking tape.

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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