Today, I’m a princess… (4)


Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday (yes, for the 3rd time!) with some friends at home. Home sweet home… For the occasion, I wanted to get out of the ordinary and I organized a photo booth.

I think the first time I heard about Photo booth, it was on the wonderful website Well, this is a site specializing in wedding, even if it is not on the agenda, I think it’s a goldmine in terms of images and ideas.. I love the pastel colors, shared photos, tips and tricks, etc.

I love photos, so the idea germinated in my mind and I visited some specialized shops and I searched on the web to find some good stuff ans ideas in order to make a beautiful serie of photos with nice accessories.

I bought a rhinestone curtain, pastel balloons and a little pink hat A la poupée merveilleuse. Hema’s , I found peaks with labels, flags and a balloon inflator. With cardstock, peak skewers, glue, tape, the beautiful patterns of Fifi Mandirac and a little imagination, I made ​​ mustaches, bow ties, hats and sunglasses.

I spent the afternoon making accessories and cooking for my guests and prepare the evening. It was a bit long and tiring but it was really satisfying. My friends were entertained according to their words and we had fun. Unfortunately I took very few pictures of the dozens of plates I prepared…

And for the last series of photos, I’ll show you some gifts that have been offered to me. So I promise it’s coming soon especially because I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about my birthday!

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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