In my new book dedicated to Circulare knitting


When talking about knitting, I know that some have strong opinion: flat knitting vs circulare knitting. For some of us, it’s like philosophy, or even religion! I clearly in circular knitting team because 1/ circular needles are far easier to carry 2/ we can avoid seaming and I hate seaming!

Sometimes, I follow patterns and flat knit, but in 99% I knit with circulare needles. Otherwise, I update patterns to avoid seaming steps so when editor contact me to write a book about circulare knitting, I was very happy.

The goal of my book Circulare knitting is to broach basics of circulare knitting with a part dedicated to equipements and techniques, and offer patterns to introduce all theses items.
In equipment side, I used circulare needles, doubled pointed needles and cable needles.
In technique side, there are decresing, increasing, eyelet patterns, cables, stripes of colors, etc. I knitted in round but did also flat knitting by using benefit of circulare needles and short rows.

There are 20 patterns very different with some very easy to knit for beginners and others more difficult by including some techniques and different motifs. There are 5 clothes from one-size or in sizes S/M and M/L (pullover, cardigan, caraco), 5 accessories for neck (collars, poncho and shawl), 4 accessories for head (beanies, headband), 2 accessories for hands (gloves and fingerless gloves), socks and 3 home accessories and here some pictures.

If you are beginner, you can start with easy patterns, and increase your skills with more difficult patterns. Experienced knitters, I’m sure you can find a lovely pattern to knit in round.

I want to emphasize that circulare knitting is not that difficult and not only for experts. I teach knitting yo girlfriends and I started with circulare knitting and it was not an issue. I really hope that this book will popularize this technique.

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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