Santorini Fira’s old port


I’m going on my storytelling about my vacation in Santotini island and today I’m talking about Fira’s old port.

Fira is up a cliff but it has its old port where travelers upload from their cruises. There are 2 ways to get the old port from the city : stairs and cable-car. For this visit, we chose stairs to enjoy the view in our own pace and meet famous Santorini’s donkeys.

From the city, stairs start from the car-free neighborhood, at the cliff edge. It’s really easy to find the way thanks to signs and the numbered stairs. From there, stairs look ok but on the way down they are more damaged because stones are slippery (by use) when they are not missing or covered by donkey’s dropping which are waiting for their next assignment.

On the way down, stairs are loaded by donkeys (and the smell is stronger). When you get the port, you can read a sign telling that donkeys are well-treated and they only make a couple of rides a day but the poors donkeys looked too weak that we can have some doubts.

At the port, there is not much to visit : some souvenir shops, bars and restaurants, or you can watch two-way trips of boats which carry travelers from cruisers. Finally, the biggest attraction is the view by the sea.

To get back to the city, we prefered the cable-car because of the heat and we didn’t want a ride by donkey. Waiting time is quite short but we can’t really enjoy the view in the booth which is as hot as an oven! 

The arrival gets you on the top of Fira, perfect to amble on the egdes of the cliff.

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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