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Last week with some friends we went to dinner at Delaville café located in the 10th arrondissement of Paris where there was a hustle « Cabaret » …

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Taste of the meal Before having dinner, we took an aperitif and cocktails were not bad. I took a milkshake that was missing a little creaminess but still had the taste. Let’s go to dinner now. On the menu, there is a lot of choice with the French dishes, but also bagels and burgers and Asian-inspired dishes such as Bo bun. I chose the chicken breast and morel cream that I ordered with home fries. The fries were very good although very fat, but the chicken a little dry. Morel cream was delicious. Around the table, there was also a burger (not terrible from what I was told), a bagel with pastrami and a caesar salad.

Settings When my friends offered to go to Delaville café, I thought I didn’t know the address. However, passing the doorstep, I immediately recognized the restaurant with some unusual decoration. With hanging chandeliers, grand staircase with marble columns, a fresco on the wall. Rather, it is a nice place. As I told you, that night there was a hustle « Cabaret. » I’m talking about a hustle because it was not strictly speaking a show. Two cabaret dancers (almost burlesque) made choreographed ​​appearances in music of a few minutes throughout the evening. It was quite nice.


Service Unfortunately, our waitress had obviously begun as plates fell several times (luckily not in our table) and she was awfull for the checkout. She brings us the bill and even though she saw we were doing our account, we were pressed to pay. And then once that is done, she was particularly awkward in her behavior to count what she had been given.

Price In the menu, main courses start from 10.50€ for snacks to 29€ for something more sought. Personally I found it a bit expensive for what was served.

Recommendation’s rate : 2.5/5

Delaville café 34 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 75010 Paris

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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