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Ten days ago, I had the pleasure of dining with four former colleagues from Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. They had hoped to eat French cuisine and stay close to the Rue de Rivoli. So I’ve taken them to Bam’s (Bar à Manger) that I found quite good.

BAM, Bar à Manger – French food

Taste of the meal That evening, I was greedy since I’ve been tempted by the total: starter, main course, dessert. For the starter, I chose the « foie gras cream brulee, mango chutney. » I have eaten it once in a restaurant Aux 2 oliviers a few years ago and I loved it. Unfortunately, the version of the BAM was a bit sickening once you have tasted half of the plate. For the rest, I ordered the « Risotto with morel cream, nightfall and shiitake mushrooms Paris, pieces of roasted hazelnuts » which was very good. Unfortunately, with the heavy starter, I could not finish my plate.


Around the table, my companions of the evening enjoyed the « rump steak with crust Savora & green pepper, olive polenta » or the « Pork Tenderloin with papaya skewer vegetable tempura (sweet potato, carrot, chayote). « 


For dessert, I had the « chocolate  macaroon and coconut mousse with sorbet passion » which was just delicious. The passion fruit sorbet was perhaps a bit too acidic for my taste but I still enjoyed myself. Around me, my friends took the « Mont Blanc, banana mousse, chestnut cream, meringue, speculoos ice » or caramel soufflé (seen here).


For setting and service, I invite you to consult the minutes of the first visit.

Price For evening’s prices, the starters cost between 9€ and 12€, the main courses are from 21€ and 24€ and desserts between 8€ and 9€. Having booked via the Forks website, the dinner cost me for the my whole meal 39€ – 20% = 31.2€. And with a glass of coconut juice off promo, I spent 35.5€ that night. I think it is a bit expensive despite the reduction and but if you choose starter + main course or main course + dessert, the bill would be more acceptable.

Recommendation’s rate : 3,5/5

BAM – Bar à Manger 13 Rue des Lavandières Sainte-Opportune – 75001 Paris

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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