Manicure To avoid sadness of bad weather



New week, new manicure! This manicure, I did it while the weather was frankly ugly for the season. So with the rain, the rain and the rain, I show off my pretty colorful umbrellas, and I decided to put a bit of good mood on the tip of my nails. I had no idea so I went on Pinterest for inspiration and then I found this manicure I have not found the source. It was right what I wanted so instead of only be inspired, I totally copied. I just replaced the black nail polish by a beautiful green and use again my stickers.


Well, sticking stickers, it’s not difficult but for those who are wondering how to get some thing almost homogeneous and the same distance between the stickers, here’s how I proceeded for this green nail art! You saw two tutorials in 2 weeks with the return of animated gif! Okay, I admit that it’s easier for me to make a gif than taking pictures of steps.


1. Put your base and then 2 layers of your favorite nail polish: I chose the green

2. With tweezers, peel the sticker from the board and place it on your nail, leaving a few millimeters from the edge of your nail and the sticker. I chose to put it int the cuticle side.
NB: Use tweezers rather than your fingers to avoid getting a little dirt under the sticker which would reduce its sticking power.

3. Instead of puting the 2nd sticker just above (or below), I suggest you put it rather at the other end of your nail, so you have the perfect distance between the tip of the nail and the sticker.

4. For the third and final sticker, you juste have to aim at the center between the first two stickers

5. Cut the excess stickers with scissors

6. Do not forget to put two good layers of top coat to smooth the nail and prevent the sticker to be off too easily! And that’s it!



Pink nail polish : Kiss me on my tulip #NLH59 OPI
Nail polish with silver sequins : #802 Transparent Silver Glitter Lasting color Pupa
Green nail polish : #343 Spring green Kiko

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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