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With the summer season, I’m going out less often but I don’t stop. In early August I tested a restaurant and this is my feedback. For me, the appreciation of a restaurant starts with the content of the plates but I also carries a lot of importance to the quality of service. Average food but accompanied by a good service will not have quite the same taste with poor service. Here in this restaurant in the Opera district of Paris, general felt was more than weighed down by the treatment we got.

Franck Enée – French food


Taste of the meal The menu is quite short and it is often a sign that the products are fresh which is a good thing. For the main course, I chose the beef tenderloin Salers with anchovy and artichoke sauce accompanied by mashed potatoes. The beef was tender but the edges of the anchovy has tarnished my taste experience. The mashed potatoes was delicious. For dessert, I had the Chocolate Delight Caribbean consisting of a cake, and ice cream which were quite good but no great surprise.



Le cadre The address is a gourmet restaurant and decor follows pretty much the codes. The chairs are padded, tablecloths and napkins are in fabric, the tables are finely decorated with floral decorations.



Le service Upon our arrival, I felt like a malaise: we are young, rather funny in our way and our table is a quite good melting pot and I’m not sure that the staff loved us. The most obvious point of this disenchantment for me is when they serve us only three quarters of the dishes and it is normal. We take 4 beef tenderloin and purees are served separately in a bowl. The first three threads come together with their mashed well disposed adjacent to each plate. The fourth plate arrives a few minutes later, certainly because it was requested without the artichoke sauce. After waiting a few minutes, the fourth puree  doesn’t come, it is claimed. The waiter responds to us very naturally that’s all it was and it should be normal: there must be a dish for 2, but there has been three … The waiter does not wonder and will not even check. In a gastronomic restaurant, it serves plates to share? There will be questions.

Le prix It costs around 30 € for a main course and 12€ for a dessert. Given the meal, it’s ok even if I find it a bit expensive. Luckily we booked via LaFourchette and add -40% off, menus and drinks not included. With my main course and my dessert, so I paid about 25 €.

Recommendation rate : 2/5 I do not know if this is due to booking through LaFouchette and 40% off or our heads / looks that did not appeal them, but in the end I found that the treatment we had was unfair and especially suspect if you look at other feedbacks of this restaurant which are quite good. I do not recommend you this address and that’s a shame because it was pretty good.


Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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