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Last week, when with my girlfriends we were booking our next getaway, found a Uighur restaurant. As it seemed perfectly exotic and it was perfect unknown, we all approuved the idea. The address is unusual for this type of food a little confidential since it is located close to tourist areas (Saint Michel – Notre-Dame) but seeing many local (Asian) in the room, we were quite reassured .

Dolan – Uighur food (asian)

Taste of the meal Unknown names of dishes, we were a little scared, but luckily there was a small description for each dish. And besides, the first page of the menu, there is information on the Uighur. As a starter, I had ravioli with lamb, onion and green vegetable (Tugre) and my friends had pickled vegetables and onions / peppers and beef salad . For my part, the ravioli lacked flavor and the sauce was only chili oil. I tried other starters and if the marinade is not bad it’s a bit just to call few cuts of eggplant and cucumber starters. For me, we can eat it more as condiments. The onions / peppers salad was not bad but I think I would have struggled to finish the dish as it is.


For the main course, I ordered a plate of traditional pasta sauteed with beef and vegetables (Korma Leghman) and a skewer of lamb (picture in the bottom). The pasta was good but not great surprise burst of flavor. The skewer was a bit dry is not really thick.


As a conclusion, about the taste, with what little I tested here I think the Uighur food is very similar to Chinese cuisine but a Chinese cuisine not accomplished. In fact, it would miss just a few ingredients to dishes for it to be of Chinese cuisine.

Settings The first part of the room is classic but at the bottom we can see a very colorful hotel. It’s very kitsch but as it is only a small part of the room, so this is not shocking.


Service The waitress was quite nice but her French wasn’t perfect that said, it was rather not too bad. For starters, there was a real waiting time. They had them two by two. As mine was hot, I started eating without waiting but I finished the last few minutes when the second part was here!

Price A bit like in Chinese restaurants in the 13th disctrict, the prices are quite attractive even if it is a bit more expensive. It costs 4-8 € for inputs and depending on the case I find it a bit expensive. The main courses are around € 12 that is not too bad. Via the site LaFourchette, we received a discount of -40%. In the end my meal costs me only 12 €! A good deal.

Recommendation rate : 2,5/5The address is a pretty good deal because you can eat for cheap (with an offer LaFourchette) but the taste is not really good. Was tested for the first time this exotic cuisine and I’m pretty sure we will not return.

Dolan 5 rue de Poissy 75005 Paris 

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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