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A few months ago, I wrote about my favorite Vietnamese restaurant (after my mom’s, of course) in Chinatown in Paris, in the 13th district. Last week, I went with my  family in a Chinese restaurant in the area and I decided to tell you about it today. For information, this is not a discovery since I have been there several times, but as the opportunity presented itself …

China Town Olympiades – Chinese food

Taste of the meal In Southeast Asia as in Vietnam or China, it is customary to share meals. On the table, they are placed in the center and each uses throughout the meal. That evening, we left my mother ordered for the whole table and we ate the duck broken down into 1 starter and 2 main courses. A few minutes after taking the order, a waitress arrived with a cart on which there was the whole duck. Before us, she has cut the duck so to extract the skin. And let’s go for the tasting of the starter skin duck served with small rice crepe with sweet sauce and sliced ​​leek. A true delight!


With the flesh of the duck, the chef cooked the two meal one with rice  pasta fried and the other with spinach. Finally, we all had dessert with 3 colors sua xa. We were all well fed! I’m sorry as I didn’t take a look at the menu so I can’t give you the exact names of the dishes.


Settings The decor is quite typical of the area but we must note that the restaurant has a stage. Night weekend, an orchestra and singers make the show and fill the dance floor. For information, it often happens that the restaurant caters for weddings. When all tables are not reserved for the event, you can eat at the restaurant and take part of festivities. Other important information, the kitchen of this restaurant serves 2 contiguous rooms. The first one with the more sober decoration is known to be a karaoke restaurant and the second where I went recently is known for its music scene and dance.


Service The room is large and tables are numerous, such as waiters. Throughout the service, you can see the incessant ballet of waiters that are working hard to serve and clear tables. The service is quite fast and efficient.

Price  In Chinatown, when you eat « local » food is generally inexpensive compared to other addresses. That evening, the diner costed € 88 for 4 personnes or 22 € / person for 2 starters (shared), 2 main courses (shared), 4 desserts, 1 bottle of Coca (1.5 L) and 1 bottle of Vittel (1.5 L) which is quite reasonable when you consider that this evening the orchestra produced. Note: at the end of the meal, a plate of pre-cut fruit is offered and we had apple, melon, watermelon and mango. Warning: the Coke bottle to share may seem like a good idea, but it’s not served fresh but with an ice bucket.


Recommendation’s rate : 3/5 This is not my favorite Chinese restaurant, but it’s not bad and if you want to try the joys of Asian disco while having proper dinner, do not hesitate!

China Town Olympiades 44, rue d’Ivry – Paris 13ème 

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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