Toulouse #4 I ate…


For me, a travel also involves the taste buds. I like to go visit places for their landscapes but also a lot for their culinary specialties. So here are two restaurants that I tested during my stay in Toulouse and I start with my crush: the Bistrot de l’Etoile.

Bistrot de l’étoile – French food from southwest


Taste of the meal To be honest, I had already tested the cuisine of this restaurant in 2009 during my first trip to Toulouse. My friend took us in there to discover and it was delicious! For this visit more than three years later, nothing has changed and it was still good! As a starter, there was an artichoke salad and foie gra,s terrine of rabbit and foie gras, and foie gras. As main courses, duck! Duck breast cooked over a wood fire and with a sweet and sour sauce. Delicisous!





Settings When you enter, you can only be amazed! It’s not beautiful, but it’s a world apart with the fireplace and all these vintage signs. There are signs in every inch of wall and we found this particular universe into the toilet!



Service Impeccable! Nothing to say, excellent service, attentive and the waiter even has a sense of humor! What I love!

Price We are in the province and the Parisians appreciate the low prices of the Province! For 2, it costs € 57 for a drink, a starter and a main course. As a bonus, if you unfortunately are ot hungy anymore for dessert, you will receive little sweet with the bill!


Recommendation rate : 5/5

Bistrot de l’Etoile 6 Rue de l’étoile  – 31000 Toulouse

* * *

I continue my list of restaurants with Le Chai Saint sauveur which is on the outskirts of Toulouse.

Chai Saint Sauveur – French food


Taste of the meal What do you order when we are in Toulouse? A Toulouse’s Cassoulet of course! 20min to wait for the dish but it worth it. The plate is filled with so many different meats we do not know where to start. That said, I could not finish my plate … It had become too fat for me!




Settings A wallpaper with reproductions of wine bottle labels, rather nice tables, the setting is rather comfortable.

Service RAS

Price We booked via La Fourchette but in the end the proposed menu did not please us so we chose the cassoulet that costs € 22!

Recommendation rate 3/5

Chai Saint Sauveur 30 Rue Bernard Mule  – 31400 Toulouse

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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