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You probably know, I am Vietnamese and I love to eat, ergo I like to eat Vietnamese food. The best place for me is my Mom’s who always prepare delicious dishes when her daughters visited her. Well, luckily for me and / or damage to you my mother doesn’t offer food to everyone. So today I decided to talk about my second favorite address, which is open to all: Quan Ngon restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.


Quan Ngon – Vietnamese food





Taste  of the meal At Quan Ngon’s, they serve Vietnamese food and it’s not a Chinese-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Thai address. No, here it serves Vietnamese Vietnamese food and it’s good! At Quan Ngon, I have my little habits: pancakes with pork and mushroom called Banh Cuon as starter, large flat noodles with minced pork with coconut sauce called Banh Tam Bi with an extra spring rolls, and with all that I take a glass of hot soy milk. A real delight, I enjoy and I’ll never get bored! Another specialty that I recommend is the Vietnamese pancake called Banh Xeo.

Settings The restaurant is a little lost in the towers. It’s like back home: it looks like a prefabricated with aligned tables and really the minimum for decoration. While we certainly are not going to the settings but you can also go to feel like at home …

Service The servers know my mom and I and they always know what I order then I am  privileged but I think the service is more than adequate.

Price Comme dans beaucoup de restaurants asiatiques dans le 13e arrondissement, les prix sont vraiment attractifs. Une entrée autour de 5€, un plat entre 7 et 10€… La dernière fois, avec mon Homme on a pris 1 entrée, 2 plats, et 2 boissons/dessert et on en a eu pour 27€ ! As in many Asian restaurants in the 13th arrondissement, the prices are really attractive. An starter around € 5, a main course between € 7 and € 10… The last time with my man took 1 starter, 2 main courses and 2 drinks / dessert and it costs only € 27!

Recommendation’s rate : 5/5

Quan Ngon 63, rue du Javelot – 75 013 Paris

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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