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It’s emotionally that I officially launch today the new version of my blog Hellokim! I’d already talked about it some time ago (even months) by presenting the logo and announcing you the development of this new graphic. I have now a beautiful and new home and moreover there are two major new features that I detail now!

Picture first! The beautiful images have always been very important for me and my articles. I’m not a photographer but I try as much as possible to publish photos that I hope to be somewhat attractive. With this new version, photos are now 50% bigger in size! When the graphic was created, I started to prepare the pictures of the articles accordingly but as I have neither the time nor the patience, the photos of many archives remain the original format.

Hellokim speaks English I don’t claim in any way be bilingual but I try for some time to offer an English version of my articles. My English is, I admit somewhat rough but as 10% of the blog’s traffic comes from English speaking areas, I thought it was time to make a bilingual blog with a beautiful button to change the language. Some articles are not yet translated, some too old archives won’t be translated, but I’m making effort to publish my next articles also in English.

The new version is launched today but there are still some settings to do here and there so that the display is perfect. I hope it will be resolved very soon and in the meantime you could still enjoy this new version of my blog!

As a reminder, it’s my friend Cathy who create this graphic charter !

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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