Rome Very good pasta and our crush (13)


For our last meal in Rome, after a walk on the side of Villa Borghese we wanted to get closer to the apartment to be sure that we’ll have time to do the few last minute shopping and do again our suitcases. We get the Navona area for a restaurant serving pasta. And yes, we were in Rome and wanted to eat good pasta before leaving for Paris.


We chose the Trattoria da Tonino. From the outside, we can’t guess that it is a restaurant. Glancing inside then we see the tables, all occupied and all with georgeous plates. We had to wait a bit for a table of four but the wait worth it. The pasta was so good and the plates were very plentiful. Having failed to get ice-cream, we ordered Tiramisus for dessert even though we were all hyper already satiated!



Trattoria da Tonino via del Governo,18-19 Roma

* * *

And I take this last article on the best places to tell you about a crush for a cafe next to the apartment we rented: the caffetteria del Corso. Our location was equipped with a kitchenette and a coffee machine but we didn’t want to bother by making breakfast, do the dishes etc.. So in our first morning in Rome, we looked for place for a coffee and if possible a pastry. In just two steps from the apartment, there was this coffee bar. No price displayed … We do not have time to go somewhere else so we decided to settle!


This is a bar, cafe and cafeteria: a real bar with lots of alcohol, coffee machines, pastries in the glass counter and sandwich in preparation. The interior is rather cute with pastel colors, chairs and other furniture in wood. We sat, we drunk the freshly squeezed orange juice, cappuccino decorated with patterns on the cream and the pastries. Everything is perfect!




It’s time to break camp and paying: finally we were pleasantly surprised! We had to more or less € 5 each! I can’t imagine what we would pay in Paris for the same services … and then we even had small chocolates before leaving! Finally, caffetteria del Corso has become our daily appointment. The owner of the establishment was so charming and attentive. A little chocolate every morning before our marathon days and the last day, he even emptied his pretty jar of almond cakes to fill a bag for us! It was so nice, wasn’t it? He made ​​the effort to speak to us in English to give us directions etc..


It may not be one of those famous places where they serve the best cappuccino in Roma, but this is definitely a place that I recommend for its great quality/price rate especially for the service. And detail that may be important, the caffetteria del Corso offers Wi-Fi. In our case it was not really useful because we had it in the apartment but otherwise, it would have been more than welcome!


Caffetteria del corso Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 314 Roma

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

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