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Last week with my friends we tested a new address in the Marais district. It was new to us but already well known judging by the crowded room and the queue, I’m talking about Schwartz’s.

Schwartz’s – North american food

Taste of the meal Schwartz’s specialty is burger with a good soft bread, a tendermeat and golden french fries. What surprised me when I brought my plate is the thickness of my meat about 3cm! In height, my burger easily rivaled with my Smartphone standing more than 10cm! For me, it was a real treat and for my friends too!

Settings With pictures on the walls, giant figurines of Simpsons family, there is no mistake we are is in an American restaurant. The small downside is the proximity. The tables are almost glued to each other. We eat almost with our neighbors…

Service Kind waiters, nothing wrong about it.

Price Quand on regarde la carte et qu’on voit que le prix des burger tournent autour de 17€, ça fait un peu peur surtout quand on a l’habitude de passer par la Fourchette… Mais compte tenu de la quantité dans l’assiette, le burger vaut bien son prix. Ce que je conseillerai presque c’est de partager une assiette (burger + frites) pour être sûr de pouvoir finir et prendre un dessert ! When you look at the menu and see that the price of burgers it’s around € 17, it’s a little scary, especially when we used to go book restaurant thank to La Fourchette  with the discounts… But given the full plate, the burger is well worth its price. I would advise to share a plate (burger + fries) to be sure to finish and have a dessert!

Recommendation rate : 5/5

Schwartz’s 16, rue Ecouffes – 75004 Paris

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Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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