Roma St Pierre’s Basilica (4)


Let’s continue the small tour of Roma that I prepared for you! If the entrance to St Pierre’s Basilica is free, it’s nevertheless necessary to go through the security gates where officers check a bit like at the airport, if you are not carrying anything dangerous. In January, no queue but I imagine that in pic  season it must be very different. You can then enjoy being in the shade under the columns since the entrance is there.

Once past the door, you are in the largest basilica in the world. I confess that when I entered, I was not particularly shocked. And yet …

The reason of this loss of direction is that everything is to scale. Everything is great so nothing seems to us excessive. And yet, look at me next to the sculpture … I’m just a [small] dwarf.

When you are in the Basilica, there are several things that you musn’t miss: – The marble floor is composed of no less than 180 different colors of marble. – The arts of the Basilica because if they just look perfectly painting, they are only mosaics! Even if you stand at 3m you are unable to find out. You really need to come closer and enjoy a certain light, a certain angle for distinguished all thse pieces that make up the mosaic. – The bronze status of St Pierre, whose left foot is used. It’s said that touching or kissing the foot brings you happiness.

And then there’s everything else, canopy, sculptures, etc …

I told you that the entrance to the Baslique was free, however there is one part which is paid a visit: it cost 5-7 € to visit the dome. For € 5 you get access to stairs to reach the dome after more than 500 steps to climb. For 7 €, you get the lift but does save that 200 steps as will all spend way more than 320 steps by foot in dark stairs, low ceilings and very narrow. Claustrophobic and / or having problems hearts people will pass their turn! The ascent is made in three steps. For the first step, we arrive on the terraces with a view of the dome, the status that adorn the roof of the Basilica and views halfway up the city

For the second step, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Basilica, just above the canopy.

For the third and final step , we are breathless with the views of the Vatican and Roma.

Following, the Vatican’s museum !

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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