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 To be honest Barcelona, ​​I went there almost 10 years ago. I spent a few days for my integration’s weekend for my 1st year in University. When you’re 18 and you go with her ​​classmates, there is not a lot of visits and this year we tried to see/do a lot of things. For this 2nd part of this series on Barcelona: the Park Güell.

This weekend in Barcelona, ​​we went through the the works council of my man. As they have done things right, a guide was sent to give us a guided tour of this beautiful city and our first stop was the park that is quite atypical. We didn’t stay very long and I haven’t walked the park in all directions, but here are some pictures.

Any guide will tell you better than me, but here’s what I got from what he said. Park Güell was designed by the Catalan architect Gaudi in the early 1900s. This park was supposed to be a small village with a few dozen houses but given the costs involved, only the park and 2 houses were completed.

At the entrance, stand two small houses straight out of a fairy tale. And if the entrance is free, visit one of the houses is paid, the other one is a shop. Facing them, a grand staircase with ornate fountains with salamanders.

At the top of these stairs, the Hypostyle room composed of nearly 100 columns supporting the central park with the longest wavy bench in the world  The ceiling of this room is made of ceramic elements. You can sometimes distinguish pieces of plates here and there.

Before reaching the central place, we can move in this corridor which is somewhat remindind of a huge wave tube.

Here one of the two houses I talk about earlier.

Do not forget that the Park Güell is before all a garden (in English) with lots of greenery.

And to end this 2nd photos’ wage, my Man and I !

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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