& post office a never ending story


 Am I really unlucky? I’ll believe it ! Why? You probably already know my troubles with the customer service website, well now the messenger is involved.

Episode 1 At the end of March, I received an e-mail informing me that the e-shop gave my package to the carrier La Poste. I followed the path and I estimated that I had received the package March 25. I went back home, look at my mailbox: no package. Well … I looked to the tracking and then, bad news … It told me that my package was delivered while I had no package in my possession and no message! Immediately, I connected to the e-shop and reported the problem.

Episode 2 Few days after, I received a reply from Customer service: You have not received your package CCB but our carrier said that it was delivered in March 25, 2010. I understand your concern and I will give you more information about that. It is possible that another person took your package without warning you. Before opening an investigation and to clarify this inconsistency, I invite you to check with your entourage. If your search is unsuccessful, I thank you for let us know. That evening, I was back home with my man so it is not he who take the package. And my neighbours have no take either. I sent again a message to Customer service to confirm that I did not receive my package and no one else has took it for me!

Episode 3 April 2nd, new reply from You have not received your package CCB  and I am sincerely sorry. I will immediately open of a survey of our carrier. This investigation will require less than 21 days after which we will able todecide on the delivery of your package. They will investigate ? Well, ok…

Episode 4 Today April 6, I get e-mail address: Dear Member, I would contact you about the survey opened April 2nd. Our carrier is telling me that your package has 8Gxxxxxxx CCB been carried out March 25. I invite you to confirm that you received the package by email to: If it was not the case we will conduct a new study of your file. No, no no! No, I have not received my package! The worst part about it is that the messenger had already done his job badly with my previous package. He had put the box on my doorstep like that, as if usual. Moreover, he dared mention that he had delivered hand to someone:  I have no guardian and the flat opposite is empty for the moment! I hope they will find a solution, no way I am not satisfied. My package delivered or I am refunded! The following soon, at least I hope!

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Kim, tricoteuse passionnée

Merci d'avoir pris le temps de me lire.
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