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Cinéma 13#08 Seeking the adventure

A single movie on my counter this week and I chose a tale edited by Hollywood. Jack the Giant Slayer Remakes of tales, there are each year and recently we even had Hansel & Gretel. In view of the poster, I was not particularly excited about Jack the giant slayer

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Cinema A crush

My evenings in cinema’s room are a bit rarer now, once a week… In October, I went to see some movies more or less interesting but the last I saw was a real crush. Despicable Me Overall, I’m quite a fan of animated films. And when I saw the trailer

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Cinema Humour & soundstrack

Due to a lack of time, I stopped doing my small reviews after my visits to cinemas. But this weekend I had a real crush, completely unexpected that I had to share with you. Going The Distance, this was not the movie I was waiting impatiently. Let’s say we chose

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